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Amsterdam transportation

Amsterdam has several main options for transportation, of which cycling is most common (and infamous). Always make sure to check for cyclists before crossing streets! Public transport in Amsterdam is reliable and has good options. Many tram, bus and subway (which also runs above the ground in Amsterdam!) lines can take you thoughout the city. You can recognize the amsterdam public transport facilities by the blue GVB logo.

For visitors, there are several options to use public transport in Amsterdam. You will arrive at Schiphol Airport, which has several quick and cheap options to get right into the city. Please avoid taking a taxi from the airport, as tourists are often taken advantage of by sketchy taxi drivers. In Amsterdam, you will need an electronic chip card to make use of public transport, called the OV-chip card.  You can purchase this card at the airport for 7 euros, which you can subsequently charge with credit for transportation, checking in- and out as you go. With this card, all options of travel including train are available. Alternatively, you could opt for an Amsterdam travel card from GVB, which is only valid in Amsterdam, but gives you unlimited travel credit, with bus, train and subway for a set number of days. Check out which options are best for you on: . This ticket can be purchased at Schiphol in the NS Tickets & Service: Main hall, at Schiphol Plaza

How to reach the NKI & hotels from Schiphol

The Netherlands Cancer Institute is located in the south-west of the city and can easily be reached by public transport.

From Schiphol, the NKI can be reached by bus 195 to Lelylaan. This bus stops right in front of the NKI at the stop Johan Huizingalaan.


You will be staying in either the XO Couture hotel Amsterdam, or the Bastion Hotel Amsterdam Zuidwest. We only have twin rooms available, and will try to adhere to your roommate request. If there is no roommate request, you will be placed in a room with another participant randomly (same gender). Your hotel room will be paid for by the organization for the duration of the conference (12-14 june), including breakfast.

Both hotels are conveniently located near public tranport stops.

Reach XO couture hotel by taking bus 195 from Schiphol to Johan Huizingalaan and change to tram line 2 for 2 stops. The hotel is right in front in the Delflandlaan stop.

Reach Bastion Hotel Zuidwest from Schiphol taking bus 195 from Schiphol to Johan Huizingalaan and change to tram line 2 for 2 stops. Walk for another 11 minutes, as indicated on the map below.

Public transport near the NKI

By tram: Tram 2 to Nieuw Sloten starts at Amsterdam Central station and  stops in front of the NKI at the Johan Huizinga laan.

By subway: Line 50 to Isolatorweg (passes via Amsterdam Zuid) halts at Heemstedestraat. From there, it is a ~5 minute walk to reach the NKI. (see map)

By bus: Lines 18, 62, 63 and 195 stop in front of the NKI-AVL at bus stop Johan Huizinga laan.

Navigating Amsterdam

Commonly used applications to navigate the city include